Open Forum: Balancing Act II

Ever feel overwhelmed with ideas, tasks, and thoughts that everything becomes a blur and nothing seems to come out okay? In a recent article by Danielle Ofri published in “The Lancet,” she talks about all the nuances and thoughts that infringe upon a doctor’s mind during a routine day. Indeed, being overburdened with thoughts and issues is normal for a doctor, and many successful doctors are able to balance and juggle between thoughts seamlessly.  But the difficulty lies in being able to do so consistently without going hysterical or breaking down. The life of a doctor is rewarding as it is demanding, so what have you fellow readers been doing to prepare for the road ahead? How have you been getting ready to handle the long hours and adapting quickly to novel scenarios and situations? Let us know in the comments below!

The full article can be found here.

Chi Zhang ’12


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